Like all the sacraments, Confirmation is a moment of encounter with Jesus Christ. When you are confirmed you are joined more closely to Christ and are more fully conformed to Him. The particular gift of this sacrament is the deepening in the Holy Spirit and a readiness to begin to take responsibility for one’s faith.

The model for Confirmation is Pentecost (Acts 2). Jesus chose Twelve Apostles and commissioned them to carry on His work after His death and resurrection. Even after they were thoroughly convinced that Jesus had risen from the dead, their fear made them ill-equipped to carry on His work. The giving of the Spirit responded to that need.

The usual time for Catholics to be confirmed is in their 16th year. Annually the parish hosts a Confirmation program for our parish young people. Contact the Coordinator of Religious Education, Krista Misener, to enquire further. Adults who have been baptized but some how missed being confirmed can be prepared for it through participating in Catholicism 101 (see, “Adult Education and Becoming Catholic”).