Baptism is one of the greatest gifts that Christ has given us, and one of the greatest gifts that parents can give to their children. Through Baptism, a person is united to the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; or to put it another way, what Jesus did for us by dying and rising is applied to the baptized one. There is nothing more important than knowing how it is that you are God's beloved son or cherished daughter.

The usual practice for Catholics is to be introduced to the Christ-life as infants. Before they can earn a dollar, win a race, or even say their names, the children of faith-filled parents are claimed by Christ. But just as a child who's been given the gift of natural life must continue to be fed and survive and flourish, if the divine life is to be shared with a child, he or she must continue to be fed in the practice of the faith. We ask first time parents who would present a child for baptism to participate in a two-part sacramental preparation program. The program comes along every few months. Parental attendance at this series even before the child is born will allow the sacrament to be scheduled without delay.

Because Sunday is the day of the Lord's Resurrection, it is the preferred day for celebrating Baptism at Notre Dame. The Baptism of children may take place during any of the Sunday liturgies, or after the 4:30 pm Saturday or 10:00 am Sunday Masses.

For baptism preparation please contact the pastor.